Pledger Update #2 - April


Thanks again for being a legend of the solid gold variety and continuing to support this project.

Firstly, if you haven’t seen it, we’ve compiled a report about the project so far. We’ve learnt a lot in the very short amount of time since we established Redistribute the Laughs and the report is a chance for us to articulate, process and share some of those lessons. We hope you can feel proud of all that this project has achieved already!

We've been thinking about the next phase, especially as parts of the world (including the UK) begin opening up. At this stage, we’ve decided to stick with supporting online comedy. Online comedy is much more accessible in so many ways, including financially. One of the loveliest things about this is that you don’t need loads of disposable income to be on our pledger list and we’d like to keep it that way.

Over the next month or so, we’ll be experimenting with expanding our reach beyond ATL (aka shows featuring Mark Watson, Tim Key or Alex Horne) to other online shows that reflect the ATL value and interests of the BTL community – accessible, silly, brilliant online comedy. To start with, we’ll be supporting Sofie Hagen’s upcoming online shows. Sofie is a supporter of the scheme and so we’re excited to support her!

We’d really encourage you to come along to the other shows we’ll be supporting! We promise to pick things you’ll enjoy. BTL is the best comedy audience in the business and part of expanding our reach is to bring that amazing audience vibe to other deserving shows.

As always, remember you can jump out of the pledging queue anytime, no questions asked. Just shoot us an email if your situation changes. And if you’ve got any questions or would be keen to chat, hit us up about that too.



Pledger Update # 1 - March

Hello Pledgers,

Well first off we have to say a massive thank-you to all of you for taking a leap and signing up to our experiment. We have been so humbled by seeing how many of you signed up to buy a ticket for a stranger. When we first put the site out in to the world, we really weren't sure what to expect - and worried that we would be swamped by requests that we wouldn't be able to fulfil. In practice the opposite has happened: every time the link is shared, our pledging pool expands to take in more kind-hearted gems.

So far we have redistributed 10 tickets for live-stream events, and we have to say an additional thank-you to the pledgers of these early tickets who have stuck with us as we figured out the intricacies of Dice's 'send to a friend' feature. We are learning as we grow!

To that end, we'd like to tell you that we will soon be expanding the reach of the initiative to take in other Above-the-Line events, such as The Horne Section and Tim Key's Poetry Recitals. This was already quietly the case, but we have rephrased some of the wording of our site to make this invitation clearer. Our Discord community has now expanded to become a place for lots of different fanbases to connect, so it makes sense that our ticket-sharing model grows too.

We aren't sure how this model will continue to grow and adapt as we (hopefully!) soon emerge out of lockdown and back in to comedy venues in person again. For now, we are grateful for the chance to share in these experiences online.

A final thought - we understand that people's situations can change quickly and unexpectedly, and if you would no longer like to be a pledger then just drop a line to let us know. No explanation will be required.

If you have any questions, feedback, thoughts in general then just get in touch.